Foto: Maja brand. SOS Children’s VillagesWe support SOS Children’s Villages

Since 1991 we have been contributing to the work of SOS Children’s Villages for vulnerable children in Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine.


SOS Children’s Villages

Daniela accompanies us to SOS Children’s Villages in Ukraine!

12828419_1155955681105414_3499246045163622010_o-300x300This year Svenska LantChips celebrates its 25th anniversary – that’s also how long we’ve been supporting SOS Children’s Villages. We celebrated with a competition in February that was won by Daniela Nasteska Olsson (@discoveringtheplanet). Now Daniela is going to join us and SOS Children’s Villages in April on a journey to visit a children’s village in Kiev, Ukraine. We see the journey as yet another opportunity to support SOS Children’s Villages together with Daniela by talking about their important work and the children’s vulnerability. We leave on 12 April! We want to take this opportunity to give thanks for all the amazing contributions and applications we received. We hope to be able to do something similar sometime further in the future.

Photographer: Maja Brand