LantChips Almond Potato Crisps “Vildmark” Mushroom & Pepper


Tender almond potato crisps fried in sunflower oil and flavoured with mushroom and pepper. The almond potatoes that make these crisps so delicious are grown in the land of the midnight sun on the Jonsson family’s Joneichgården farm in Långträsk. We then process the potatoes at our crisp factory in Södermanland. In short, proper gourmet crisps with a taste of Norrbotten.


Almond potatoes (65%), sunflower oil, salt, whey powder (from milk), dextrose (maize), onion, yoghurt powder, yeast extract, button mushroom, parsley, acidifier (citric acid, lactic acid), spice, flavouring, spice extract (paprika, black pepper), sugar.

Allergen and consumer information:

Contains milk product and maize
Vegan: no

Nutritional info

per 100gper portion (25g)% of RI* per serving
Energy (kJ/kcal)2092/500523/125
Fat (g)276,75
- of which saturated fatty acids (g)2,70,675
Carbohydrates (g)5614
- of which sugars (g)0,80,2
Protein (g)8,32,075
Salt (g)1,20,3
*RI: Recommendations for daily consumption

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LantChips crisps

When LantChips crisps are fried in sunflower oil, the skin is left on, which results in more of the potato flavour being retained. No two crisps are alike because the stirring creates both the shape and the crispy surface. The original going back to 1991, when our crisp adventure started.

Organic LantChips crisps

Organic potato crisps fried in sunflower oil. As crunchy and rich in flavour as you’ve come to expect from LantChips crisps. When LantChips crisps are pan-fried, the starch and skin remains so the potato flavour is retained. No two crisps are alike because the stirring creates both the shape and the crispy surface. Organic since 1995.

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LantChips Retro crisps

Jonas Alströmer, who brought potatoes to Sweden from France in the 1720s, was on the front of our very first crisp packets when we started our business in Dalsland. LantChips Retro crisps still have our classic design and the contents are crunchy LantChips crisps fried in sunflower oil, carefully salted.