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What makes LantChips crisps different from other crisps?

When we first started our adventure, we purchased a second-hand deep fryer from North America. That was the launch pad for LantChips crisps and pan-fried crisps in Sweden. The process is simple: we wash the potatoes, slice them and fry them in sunflower oil at a relatively low temperature, approximately the way you would make crisps at home but on a larger scale. Then we flavour the crisps before finally packaging them. In “regular” crisp manufacture you usually blanche the potato slices before you fry them. This results in the starch being washed out and the crisps becoming pale in colour. We miss out that stage and, since the skin also remains, the potatoes keep their starch and content when they are fried, which produces variation in the colour of the crisps depending on the season and time of year. Crispy, crunchy crisps are created in the process, which have 20% less fat content than “regular” crisps. We tend to call ours: “Proper crisps”. One thing that is worth mentioning is that since that first deep fryer we have improved and built our own deep fryers. That is also one of the secrets behind our unique “crisps”.

Do you use palm oil?

We fry our crisps in sunflower oil, both the organic and conventional variety. So we do not use any palm oil in our manufacturing process.


The only allergen we use in our factory is milk. Where there is milk in a product, it is clearly marked on the packet. The rest of our products are totally milk-free.

Where can I buy your crisps?

The vast majority of grocery stores carry parts of our range.

Are your crisps available for purchase online?

Many of our products are available from your local store. If you can’t find the item you’re looking for, you can always ask your local retailer for it or shop directly from our online store (Swedish only).

What type of potatoes do you use?

For our Svenska LantChips crisp products we use potatoes that are specially grown for crisp manufacture. Some of the varieties we use are Saturna, Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta, which are mainly grown in Skåne, Västergötland and Östergötland.

Is everything organic?

We manufacture both organic and conventional crisps. Our organic crisps are made from potatoes, oil and spices that are certified as organic.

Where is the #lantchipscrispfactory located?

All our LantChips crisps are currently produced in Hovsjö, Södertälje in Södermanland, where we have been located since 1998. But it all started in the area around Dals-Ed in Dalsland.


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