We’d love to come with you on your #adventure

Our adventure is to make masses of naturally crunchy crisps. And as you see how LantChips crisps are born, we hope you will show us what amazing adventures you take them on!

Share your pictures with us on Instagram. Tag them #mittäventyr (my adventure in Swedish) and #svenskalantchipscrisps.

We sometimes run competitions on our Instagram account and on Facebook.com/lantchips. Come and join us there!


Share your pictures on Instagram, tag them #mittäventyr (my adventure in Swedish) and #svenskalantchipscrisps.

Visiting the crisp factory

The winner of our photo competition in November, @eldon98a, was visiting the #lantchipscrispfactorywith her whole family. You can see the winning picture below and a picture of the visit where she got to see how crisps are made in the crisp factory. She also attended a crisp-tasting to help choose future flavours.