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since 1991
since 1995
Svenska LantChips - Bl.a. Ekologiska chips

LantChips Chili Habanero

Say hello to our family member Chili Habanero! For us it was love at the first taste. Crispy, salty and hot, it can only be good!

LantChips Cheese & Garlic

A great addition to the LantChips family: Ost & vitlök (“Cheese & Garlic”).

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Collaboration partner
since 1991


Our adventure started on the day we found an abandoned crisp fryer. We wanted to start something new and work together as a family. We started working on producing the very first LantChips crisps there and then. Natural crisps, rich in flavour, manufactured on a small scale. And the Svenska LantChips crisps adventure continues. Hope you’ll want to join us …
Robert Arnegård
CEO and co-founder, Svenska LantChips

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